Boasting over 50 years of combined industry experience between co-founders, Pacific Court Reporting Inc. promises clients reliable transcript production and delivery by realtime certified British Columbia Shorthand Reporters Association (BCSRA) members.

Our professional team of reporters is committed to providing support for clients in every aspect of the court reporting process. From uncertified draft transcripts to complimentary condensed certified transcripts, we offer quality service from the beginning of your experience to the end.

Proudly based in Greater Vancouver, we invite our clients to visit us in Richmond, where we are easily accessible from downtown Vancouver or Vancouver International Airport via the SkyTrain, or South Surrey, where we are within a short distance of the Canada-US border. Our boardrooms provide clients with a comfortable yet professional space to work in, complete with coffee and snacks. Should you require our attendance at your office or another location, we would be happy to accommodate your request.


We at Pacific Reporting have years of experience covering all legal proceedings from examinations for discovery to Supreme Court and Federal Court.  We have also covered hearings and tribunals throughout Canada and internationally.


We are a full-service court reporting firm providing traditional hard copy transcripts, uncertified drafts or even realtime translation on your iPad.  We can accommodate all your transcript needs.


Access to multiple locations in the lower mainland of Vancouver, with home bases in central Richmond and South Surrey near Hwy 99.